• Vet Among The Pigeons

Vet Among The Pigeons

Vet Among the Pigeons is the fifth in Alex Duncan's hilarious series, which began with It's a Vet's Life. When London-based veterinary Michael Morton does his annual stint as a locum for Phil Brogan in the idyllic village of Craftley, trouble, unsurprisingly, comes his way. Tiger and Claire have gone into the livestock business and have a herd of sheep headed by a magnificent ewe nicknamed the Bionic Baa. But when the ubiquitous Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food demands that all farmers use a sheep-dip so virulent that it threatens to be more destructive than the disease it is meant to combat, Michael Morton takes on the blinkered bureaucracy with crusading fervour - and with consequences that encompass the lives of all the Craftley inhabitants we have come to know and love.

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