• Whistle in the Dark

Whistle in the Dark

Jen has finally got her daughter home. But why does fifteen-year-old Lana still feel lost? When Lana goes missing for four desperate days and returns refusing to speak of what happened, Jen fears the very worst. She thinks shes failed as a mother, that her daughter is beyond reach and that she must do something - anything - to bring her back. The family returns to London where everyone but Jen seems happy to carry on as normal. Jens husband Hugh thinks shes going crazy - and their eldest daughter Meg is tired of Lana getting all the attention. But Jen knows Lana has changed, and cant understand why. Does the answer lie in those four missing days? And how can Jen find out? As gripping as Elizabeth is Missing Elle Utterly compelling Rosamund Lupton [A] satisfying, cathartic mystery Jenny Colgan A compelling modern family drama with witty and wonderful characters. Utter bliss Nina Stibbe, bestselling author of Love, Nina Intriguing and entertaining Observer

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