• Санкт-Петербург/ альбом на английском языке

Санкт-Петербург/ альбом на английском языке

Saint Petersburg, the capital of the Russian Empire for almost two hundred years and the embodiment of the pride and glory of the Russian state, was founded on 27 May 1703. The city became the symbol of a new era of Russian history and of grandiose, unprecedented ventures. As if challenging nature itself, the Emperor resolved to create a northern "Paradise" on an area of marshy land that seemed perpetually wreathed in mist. Sweeping stretches of dry land and the long lines of the Neva and the canals became formative elements in the design of Petersburg. Emphasis was placed less on erecting individual buildings than on creating entire artificial panoramas. The idiosyncrasies of the design of the northern capital are clearly visible from the air. During the three hundred years of its existence, Petersburg has endured a multitude of historical and natural disasters. More than once, floods have threatened to destroy this manmade wonder, yet Petersburg has stood its ground. In times of war, hostile forces have tried again and again to capture the city, but not once has an army succeeded in setting foot within its limits. Even the most terrifying blockade in the history of mankind, lasting from 8 September 1941 to 27 January 1944, was unable to break the spirit of the city's inhabitants. Petersburg has the unusual ability to change its countenance unexpectedly, compelling us again and again to see its beauty in a new light. The most enchanting time, however, is that of the famous White Nights, from mid-May to mid-July, when the city casts its spell over locals and visitors alike and seems to offer a welcome respite from the frequent unpleasant rains, damp mists, long autumn nights and short winter days.

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